Podcast Interview to discuss your Technology, Products or Service*

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We’ve created the ThriveSubscribe Network as a place for community pharmacists to discover ways to practice pharmacy and stay in the game. But they need your help.

Unless you exhibit at national or state meetings, it is difficult to get the word out about how you can help community pharmacists. And if you do exhibit, the chances of talking to all the pharmacists who need your technology, product, or service are slim.

Thrive Marketplace curates the most important technologies, products, and services that community pharmacists must incorporate into their practice to stay in the game.

Don’t rely on live exhibits to sell your technology, product, or service. Join the ThriveSubscribe Vendor Spotlight today and reach more people who need you and your technology/product/service.

*Approx. 30 minutes; will be scheduled within the first 3 months